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1. Privacy Data & Security
a - LiteWorlds stores user data in a database. This data is divided into public and private data.
public: Username, Accountlevel, Language, CreateTime, core_faucet, kotia_faucet, PairingAddress
private: AuthKey, Email, Password, LastAction, LastIP, IPLock

b - LiteWorlds uses a self-designed two factor email security system with a factor of 62 to the power of 384.
Prepared transactions created with LiteWorlds can only be processed to the Litecoin MemoryPool with the personalized link that is sent via email.

2. Funds Managment
a - Funds are not stored in the LiteWorlds Database, LiteWorlds operates directly with the Litecoin blockchain.

@LiteWorldsQuest is a custodial development API that grants developers and users access to a Litecoin Node.
It offers account protection through 2-Factor Authentication via email, specifically supporting Gmail and ProtonMail.
The website serves as the initial example of a #LiteWorld, showcasing the capabilities of the API's backend.

@LitecoinStudio represents another #LiteWorld created using the @LiteWorldsQuest API.
It utilizes the API to develop an application functioning as a curated art museum of Litecoin Digital Assets.
It enhances the user experience and features a distinct and user-friendly interface.
These #LiteWorlds aim to inspire developers to explore the API's potential and create even more impressive applications while prioritizing user safety.

Developers building #LiteWorlds with the @LiteWorldsQuest API gain various advantages.
These include access to complete blockchain transparency,
the ability to access personal private keys in case @LiteWorldsQuest becomes unavailable,
a global marketplace that can be filtered by the developer,
asset management and creation functionality that can be offered to users at their discretion,
and a fully functional wallet for comprehensive management, all operating on the Litecoin Blockchain.



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